No Lound Conversations!

Engaging in loud conversation or in any conversation which interrupts or disturbs the Library members in the reading areas.

No Assistance to the Public!

Offering unsolicited advice/or assistance to other members of the public.

No Unauthorized Meetings!

Holding unauthorized or unscheduled group meetings or group conversation.

No Sitting on Tables!

Sitting on tables or stair steps inside the Library building.

No Sleeping!

Sleeping or napping in the library is not allowed by the law of the learning center.

No Loud Gaming!

Participating in any games which produce noise or conversation (except in approved areas).

Use your Headphones!

For listening to Audio device please use your earphones.

Keep Moving!

Please do not block or interfere with the free movement of individuals.

No Food nor Drinks!

Bringing food or beverages into the Library is not allowed.

No Landline Phone Usage!

Using the Library telephones intended for Library personnel is not permitted.

No Unauthorized Entries!

Entering the Library's closed book stacks or other restricted areas, except on approval by Library personnel.

No Stealing!

Stealing, mutilating, and defacing Library property, including books is punishable by law.

No Unauthorized Borrowing!

Taking Library material, including books, outside of the Library without authorization by Library personnel through the established lending procedures.

No Unauthorized Monitoring!

Unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications.

No Unauthorized Network Access!

Using the network to make unauthorized entry to any other machine accessible via the Library’s networks

No Damage Allowed!

Destruction of, or damage to, equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library